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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

    How are cosmetic products tested for skin tolerance?

    All of our products adhere to all EU and UK legislation and testing. Please be aware that none of our products have been tested on animals. It is not possible for any manufacturer to completely prevent the possibility of an allergic reaction which can be caused by individual sensitivity to one or more of the ingredients, therefore, we strongly recommend a skin allergy test to be carried out 24 hours prior to use. Please make sure to discontinue use if skin irritation develops or increases, and if irritation persists, consult a health care practitioner.

    Why are the ingredients listed on the product?

    We list the ingredients on our products to give the consumer opportunity to check if they think they may be allergic or sensitive to any of them. All ingredients are listed in descending order with the highest percentage ingredient listed first. We would suggest that with all new purchases you should check the ingredients as formulations can change.

    Are your products packaging recyclable?

    Most of our product packaging is recyclable. Look for the chasing arrow symbol on the bottom of our product packaging to know for sure

    Where can I find information about your products?

    Beauty Box Australia provide extensive product information both on our website and in our product packaging. If you require further information please contact us by email at enquiries@beautyboxaustralia.com

    Can I return my order?

    Goods may only be returned if you have contacted us beforehand. You must notify us of any returns you wish to make, providing details of the relevant delivery order number and the reason for return. We do not accept returns of any used or opened goods. To start a return request email enquiries@beautyboxaustralia.com

    What happens if goods arrive damaged or something is missing?

    Unless notification of any damages or shortages is given to carrier on delivery, all goods on the delivery note will be deemed to have been received and accepted by the customer and may not subsequently be rejected or claimed for by the customer. Any claim by a customer that goods are defective in any other way must be notified to Beauty Box Australia within 5 days from the delivery date.