STARDUST……..Coming very soon…..

Our dedicated glitter experts have developed this festival gem with one thing in mind… making sure you’re ‘dressed for the press’

Our Stardust Colours are:


Enjoy creative freedom with the fantastic multi-tonal effect of Babylon Zoo. This festival inspired gem delivers a stunning style with a big impact. Think Ibiza, sun, tunes and friends.



The fresh, ocean blue tones of Cosmic Child are a sight to behold. The green hues and the soothing nature of blue wraps it all up in a beautiful and creative shade. Obey your glitter desire.



This is attention in its purest form. The extraordinary tones of Drops of Jupiter shade is a precious metal with intense visual impact. A must for hard core festival goers. Think Ibiza, warm nights and good friends.



Silver has long been valued as a precious metal, but its value has now increased with the arrival of the uber stunning Supernova shade from the Stardust range of glitter. For an atomic sized impact, this breath-taking shade is a summer essential.

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